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10 Unlikeliest things made of gold

Across the world, gold is considered a symbol of great value, prosperity, and opulence. It is this quality of gold that has spurred creators across the world to use this precious metal to make everyday objects into invaluable collector’s items. Here are 10 of the unlikeliest things you won’t believe are made/coated with gold, arranged in ascending order of their value.

  1. Gold Toothpick

    24-karat Gold “Vermeil” toothpick is available for sale at $300 (around Rs. 19,356) by ‘The House of Solid Gold’ while the 18-karat solid gold toothpick is available at $500 (Rs. 32,260) . According to the sellers, each toothpick is handmade in USA and comes with an attractive custom leather toothpick holder and a 3D floating holding frame.
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  2. Gold Barbeque Grill

    Created by BeafEater Barbeques in 2008 for the Sydney Home Show, this rare invention was the world’s most expensive barbeque back in 2011. Completely covered with 24-karat gold except for the cooking surfaces, this barbeque grill would have cost you $165,000 (around Rs. 78 lakh) .
    Gold Plated Barbeque Grill Source

  3. Gold Mountain Bike

    The 24-karat Gold Extreme Mountain Bike is available on sale for $500,000 (Rs. 3 crores) at ‘The House of Solid Gold’. This handcrafted bike is called “The Beverly Hills Edition”. The bike has the artist’s signature engraved on it and comes with a certificate of authenticity. The sellers also claim that it can be delivered and unpacked anywhere in the world.
    Mountain Bike Made Of Gold Source

  4. Gold Vacuum

    Advertised by the seller’s website as being ‘ideal for red carpets, yachts, and limos’, this high -performance vacuum cleaner is made from 24-karat gold plating and can be purchased along with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee, for $1 Million (around Rs. 6 crores) in Australia. It weighs 7.5 kgs and comes with an extra wide nozzle.
    Vacuum Cleaner Made Of Gold Source

  5. Gold Loo Roll

    Created and sold by the Australian enterprise “The Toilet Paper Man”, this 24-karat gold toilet roll costs around $1,654,335 (around Rs. 7 crore) . The creators claim it is safe to use and is hand delivered with a bottle of champagne.
    Gold Toilet Paper Source

  6. Gold Christmas Tree

    To mark its 90th anniversary, Ginza Tanaka, a luxury jewellery store in Tokyo put a 6.6 ft tall Christmas tree on display. It is said to be made of 42 pounds of pure gold and is for sale for £1.45 Million (around Rs. 12 crores) . The store manager was quoted as saying, “In the current situation where the global economy is suffering as a result of economic instabilities like Brexit, we made this gold Christmas tree hoping it will wipe out gloomy news and provide a bright and shiny future”.
    Golden Christmas Tree Source

  7. Gold Toilet

    Built in 2001 by the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group in Hong Kong, this 24-karat solid gold toilet was the brainchild of jeweler Lam Sai-win. Studded with gems, the toilet forms part of a gilded bathroom, which was worth more than $29 Million (around Rs. 187 crores) back in 2010!
    Fascinating Golden Toilet Source

  8. Gold fleet of cars

    Turki Bin Abdullah is a young Saudi billionaire with a penchant for gold . A Golden Lamborghini Aventador SV, a six-wheel Mercedes G63, a Bentley, and a Rolls Royce, are just some of the supercars in his Golden Fleet. All of these cars are gold chrome plated. He even ships his supercars to wherever he and his friends are headed, so that they can always drive around in golden style.
    Fleet Of Golden Cars Source

  9. Gold Casket

    Handmade with floral ornamental motifs, lined with ruby red velvet interior, and completely double gilded in gold, the Monarch Elite Pure 24-karat Gold™ Luxury Gilded Casket™ is available for sale at thegoldencasket.com .
    A Handmade Golden Casket Source

  10. Gold Wheelchair

    24k Gold Plated Wheelchair
    When Lady Gaga injured her hip in 2013, she used this 24-karat gold plated wheelchair to get around. Specially created for her by Ken Borochov of luxury brand Mordekai, it came with a padded leg rest and gold plated brakes and was introduced to her fans on Twitter as “Emma”.

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