6 Simple Charts That Explain India’s Love for Gold

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India has loved gold for thousands of years. Here are some great examples where gold makes an appearance in our daily lives.


  1. As Good as Gold
  2. Chart 4
  3. The Many Uses of Gold
  4. Chart 5
  5. Something to Lean on
    1. Chart 1
    2. Chart 2
    3. Chart 3
    4. Chart 4
    5. Chart 5
  6. Ever in Demand
  7. East Or West…
  8. Worth Beyond Measure

Gold Glossary


It is the purity of a precious metal that is measured in 1,000 parts of an alloy. For example, gold bar with fineness of 0.995 means that it has 995 parts of gold and 5 parts of another metal.

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