Take a look at some of the rarely known aspects of gold.

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The history of gold refining

Here’s looking back at the role played by different generations in perfecting the techniques of gold refinement.

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Medicines with gold could purify body and soul

Know the reason why medical practitioners are increasingly using gold for remedial processes.

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The story of Kolar gold fields

Discover the story behind one of the most popular gold mining sites in India – the Kolar gold fields.

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The story of gold mining technologies

Ever wondered how people mined gold in the ancient times? Here’s a look at some of the earliest techniques used for mining gold.

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The discovery of gold

Where was gold discovered? Who discovered gold? How old is the yellow metal? Take a look at the stories surrounding the origin of gold.

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Rethinking gold’s role in the economy

Reimagining the role of gold with respect to modern economic challenges.

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Where do countries store their gold reserves?

The government of India has gold reserves of 557.8 metric tons. Discover the places where India and some other countries store their gold.

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How pure is the dentist’s gold?

Know why gold has always been the first-choice metal for treating many dental problems, right from the beginning of time till date

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Small is wonderful – gold nanoparticles

Gold - a small wonder. See how gold nanoparticles are bringing new improvements in the medical field.

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A universal metal – science of gold

There is more to gold than just jewellery. Take a look at the increasing use of gold in today’s technological innovations.

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