History and facts

India has a rich and illustrious history with a strong connection to gold. We bring out some interesting facts about gold in India.

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How gold is hallmarked in India vs the rest of the world

Understanding different models of hallmarking followed by various countries

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The role of gold in clean technology

Various ways gold is used to advance new-age clean technology.

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How Mughal gold jewellery redefines elegance

A guide to various Mughal gold jewellery techniques and designs that are popular even today.

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Thrissur- The gold capital of India

How Thrissur rose to become the epicentre of gold trade and industry in India. 

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How gold created California?

Discovery of gold in California and how it led to the California gold rush.

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Historical and modern uses of gold in cosmetics

Understanding the properties of gold that make it suitable for use in cosmetics.

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Gold jewellery designs from Mohenjo-daro civilisation

A look at gold jewellery designs that were popular during the Mohenjo-daro civilisation.

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Golden moments of the Bible

Exploring the story behind some of the 400 mentions of gold in the bible

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Role of gold in a man’s life

A story of gold- told through its ever-growing value in a man’s life.

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Many uses of gold

Right from being an investment to being a decorative agent on food to its incorporation in Ayurveda, gold has many uses. Explore some of them here.

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