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India has a rich and illustrious history with a strong connection to gold. We bring out some interesting facts about gold in India.

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Many uses of gold

Right from being an investment to being a decorative agent on food to its incorporation in Ayurveda, gold has many uses. Explore some of them here.

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Gold control period

The Gold Control Act in 1968 brought additional restrictions on gold businesses.

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Alexander the great’s 1000 talents of gold!

While historians are still debating about King Alexander’s substantial gold acquisitions, legend has it that the Greek captured 100,000 talents (25,00,000 kg) of gold.

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The golden chaos of 1991

In hindsight, the golden chaos of 1991 was solely responsible for bringing about distinct changes in the country. Read about it here

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India’s gold, England’s gain?

India’s gold played a key role in helping England shore up its public finances. Find the details here

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Gold control act and gold bonds

The government established the Gold Control Act in 1962 solely to prevent the rise of an alternate currency, in case the rupee faltered

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India’s gold policy in the first decade after independence

Did you know around 520 tonnes of gold was unofficially imported between 1958 and 1963? Find out more about gold policies in India’s nascent years

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Golden getaways: Amritsar

Read about the architectural stature and grandeur of The Golden Temple in Amritsar which stands is unmatchable till date

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4 Breath taking gold temples in India

Temples are cited as the finest examples of the use of gold in Indian architecture. The gold coating on temples help to keep its premises cool during summers and warm during winters. Get a closer look at the intricacies of their architectural design.

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The secrets of vault B

The mysterious last door of Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram holds a golden secret with an unlikely key forgotten over the ages

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