History and facts

India has a rich and illustrious history with a strong connection to gold. We bring out some interesting facts about gold in India.

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India’s gold, England’s gain?

India’s gold played a key role in helping England shore up its public finances. Find the details here

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Gold control act and gold bonds

The government established the Gold Control Act in 1962 solely to prevent the rise of an alternate currency, in case the rupee faltered

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India’s gold policy in the first decade after independence

Did you know around 520 tonnes of gold was unofficially imported between 1958 and 1963? Find out more about gold policies in India’s nascent years

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Golden getaways: Amritsar

Read about the architectural stature and grandeur of The Golden Temple in Amritsar which stands is unmatchable till date

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The secrets of vault B

The mysterious last door of Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram holds a golden secret with an unlikely key forgotten over the ages

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Golden Mughal jewellery interest it reawakened

The intricate Mughal era gold jewellery designs were a fusion of Indian and middle eastern style which continue to live through Bollywood movies.

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A gold throne to behold

Read about India’s most famous throne – The Peacock throne made of solid gold.

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When gold saved the day

Read to know how gold came to rescue when India faced the biggest economic challenge in 1990.

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Liberalising the Gold Market: 1990 – 2000

Get an insider’s view to the gold market and the long-term effect of various government policies across two decades.

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Gold in an automotive sector

From engine and braking-system management to in-car connectivity and entertainment systems, gold plays a vital role in the automotive industry.

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