Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery was used to adorn the idols of Gods and Goddesses. It carries many traditional symbols and many times holy symbols and etchings of Gods and Goddesses form a part of the design. This jewellery forms a valuable part of South Indian culture.

Thewa Jewellery

Thewa jewellery is a special Rajasthani jewellery which is made by joining intricate gold sheets on molten glass. The word 'Thewa' means “setting” in the local Rajasthani language. To create a Thewa masterpiece, the craftsman creates a thin 23 Karat gold sheet which is called “Thewa ki Patti” (Thewa’s sheet). This sheet is intricately embossed onto molten-glass which undergoes a special process to gain the glittering effect that shows-up the gold work. A skilled artist can take over a month to complete a single Thewa piece. Popular themes for Thewa pieces include Hindu Mythology, Mughal court scenes, other historical events or flora and fauna.


These are gold earrings worn largely by older Assamese women. They are generally made in a clove-shaped design. A special studded gemstone makes them notable.


It is a traditional Maharashtrian choker in which small gold beads are woven together with a special technique and has an adjustable cord for wearing ease.


Refers to a measurement tool. One Tola equals 11.7 grams or 180 grains or 0.375 troy ounces.