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The South African gold coin

The South African Government introduced the oldest gold bullion coin in 1967. It is commonly referred to as Krugerrand.

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China’s gold coins

Chinese government introduced gold bullion coins in 1982. The Chinese bullion is referred to as the Gold Panda. Pandas being one of China’s national animals it is displayed on one side of the coin.

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Canadian gold coins

Canada is home to some of the largest gold mines in the world. Know more about the gold coins produced in Canada.

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The British gold coins

British Gold coins display a number of regal designs. The British Mint produces three types of coin – Britannia, Sovereign, and the Lunar Series.

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Thoughtful women’s day gifts for the women in your life

This women’s day, give a gift of gold to the special women in your life.

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A gift worth in gold!

Gold is considered among the most auspicious gifts and is often passed down from one generation to the next

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Gold decked brides of Southern India

Nothing shows India’s love for gold the way Indian big, fat weddings do. Here’s a bird-eye view to bridal gold in tonnes

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India’s timeless love for gold

India's deep-rooted obsession with gold is a timeless saga. Nothing graces special occasions quite the way gold does

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Glowing strong: gold jewellery and the Indian millennial

Millennials don't perceive gold jewellery quite the same way as their previous generation. However, the significance of gold remains timeless

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A golden affair

Gold is an essential part of Indian weddings. Be it jewellery for the bride and the groom or embossed coins as gifts

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