History of Gold and Facts About Gold

India has a rich and illustrious history with a strong connection to gold. We bring out some interesting facts about gold in India.

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Jadau Jewellery: Understanding the unique art of making of pure gold Jadau jewellery

A walk through the history of jadau jewellery and understanding the process behind its creation.

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6 Incredible medical uses of gold

A look at how gold is used in detection and treatment of various diseases.

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A brief history of gold in Roman civilisation

Understanding the significance of gold in the Roman Empire.

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All you need to know about hallmarking

Get all your gold hallmarking-related questions answered

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How Russia plays a significant role in the global gold market

How Russia has established itself as a dominant force in the global gold market

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What goes behind making weavable, wearable, and washable gold?

What you need to know about a new fabric threaded in 24 karat gold.

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Reasons gold’s relevance continues to grow

Economic and cultural reasons that gold will continue to rise in relevance as time passes.

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Gold – helping the world become a better place

A look at various uses of gold in technology, medicine and engineering.

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Gold-glass sandwich: a glassmaking technique

The history and technique behind the art of producing gold-glass sandwich.

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The origin and history of the skilful Mughal art of Meenakari

A walk through the origin and evolution of the enamelling art of meenakari.

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