This temple gives away gold as prasad!

Fun Facts 08 Nov 2017

India is home to many temples and yearly crores of rupees are spent on their upkeep. However, while getting sweet and savoury food items in “prasad” is common, have you ever heard of a temple where gold is given away as prasad? Here’s the story of one such temple.

The Mahalaxmi temple in Ratlam in Madhya Pradesh is one such temple ----this temple receives offerings worth crores each year that includes even gold and silver ornaments! Around Diwali each year, a certain part of this offering is returned to the devotees in the form of prasad --- it is said that people travel thousands of miles to come to the temple and receive this prasad; the travelling cost for the same often being more than the prasad cost! However, here the gold and silver prasad is not treated as a form of jewellery, and is in fact considered as a blessing from the Goddess of wealth and is never spent or sold off --- but is kept in the locker of the house for safety.

It is also said that every offering made to the Goddess is kept note of so that the authorities know how much gold is to be returned in the form of prasad!

Source: SpeakingTree

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