Published: 23 Apr 2024

Handcrafted gold jewellery artforms of Sikkim

Sikkimese artisans weave their cultural heritage into each radiant gold creation for the Bhutia, Nepali, and Lepcha communities that call this enchanting land home. Their meticulous techniques, passed down for generations, bring to life unique art forms like the Khao, Kantha, Naugedi, and Rani Haar. 

More than just adornments, these gold jewelleries are symbols of faith and prosperity. On top of being mainstays in rituals and ceremonies like weddings and religious festivals, they are also seen as status symbols. 

These jewellery artforms involve a mastery of lesser-known techniques that are passed down through generations, such as intricate metalwork, delicate engraving, and precise detailing, and are executed by skilled artisans using traditional tools and methods. 

Let us celebrate the legacy and handcrafted excellence of jewellery so deeply intertwined with a community’s spiritual roots. Each gleaming piece of handcrafted gold jewellery tells a story of Sikkim through the hands of its artisans.