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Preview Festive Glitter and Gold

Gold amidst the festive glitter

Read about the various ways in which gold forms an integral part of our festivities and the significance behind each.  

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Gifting gold for Raksha Bandhan

Gold is viewed as a symbol of love, virtue and compassion. Here's why gifting gold is the perfect way to express the trust and love shared between siblings on Raksha Bandhan.

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Preview Gold Jewellery Designs

Gold through the ages in an Indian Wedding

In this video, captivating stories and myths related to gold are traced and uncovered. We discover the symbolic references of different types of wedding jewellery and the importance of gold in Indian wedding.

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Preview Why gifting gold is considered auspicious?

Gold as a gift

Read about the divine and mythological origins of how gold came to be considered as a gift meant to be shared.

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