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The impact of US Dollar on Gold

Understanding the correlation between the US dollar and gold prices

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4 Things to know about the gold rate in 2018

Trends and policies that will determine the gold rate in 2018.

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How does gold react when the stock market falls?

A look at how gold has outperformed the stock market in the past years.

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What is a gold spot exchange?

India is reportedly getting its own gold spot exchange. Here's why this matters to gold buyers and investors.

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Tax implications on gold gifts

A look at the taxes that apply when you receive gold as a gift from your loved ones

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Know the hallmark on gold in the US

What the hallmark on gold in the US means and how to ensure the sanctity of your purchase.

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How to buy hallmarked gold in Canada

A brief look at the safety regulations that surround gold buying in Canada.

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Gold control act and gold bonds

The government established the Gold Control Act in 1962 solely to prevent the rise of an alternate currency, in case the rupee faltered

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Assaying – A science to analyse the purity of gold

Stone assay, X-Ray fluorescence, fire assay and wet assay are used to determine the value and purity of gold. Discover the processes.

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GST: a bump in the road?

Decode how the implications of GST impacts the gold jewellery industry

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