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Preview Gold mythology: Origins of gold in Indian culture

The golden paradox

Discovering gold’s divinity, which emerges from its ties to various powerful symbols connected to the Gods.

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Preview Gold control act and it’s effect on Indian economy

Gold control period

The Gold Control Act in 1968 brought additional restrictions on gold businesses.

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Preview 1000 talents of gold

Alexander the great’s 1000 talents of gold!

While historians are still debating about King Alexander’s substantial gold acquisitions, legend has it that the Greek captured 100,000 talents (25,00,000 kg) of gold.

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Preview Gold rescuing economy in 1991 and ahead

The golden chaos of 1991

In hindsight, the golden chaos of 1991 was solely responsible for bringing about distinct changes in the country. Read about it here

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Preview Tale of India's rise to title of Sone Ki Chidiya

Sone ki Chidiya will fly higher

India is leaving no stone unturned in retrieving its top position in the world and becoming the golden bird it once was

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