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Preview Gold mythology: Origins of gold in Indian culture

The golden paradox

Discovering gold’s divinity, which emerges from its ties to various powerful symbols connected to the Gods.

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Preview Tale of divine - Golden Temple

Golden getaways: Amritsar

Read about the architectural stature and grandeur of The Golden Temple in Amritsar which stands is unmatchable till date

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Preview Golden Temple Amritsar

4 Breath taking gold temples in India

Temples are cited as the finest examples of the use of gold in Indian architecture. The gold coating on temples help to keep its premises cool during summers and warm during winters. Get a closer look at the intricacies of their architectural design.

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A gold throne to behold

Read about India’s most famous throne – The Peacock throne made of solid gold.

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When gold saved the day

Read to know how gold came to rescue when India faced the biggest economic challenge in 1990.

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