Published: 22 Aug 2023

Handcrafted jewellery artforms of Assam

Assam’s natural beauty and heritage are not only represented by its people but equally through its handcrafted gold jewellery, where the cultural landscape transcends into these ornaments through the magic of artistry.

Inspired by the lush flora, diverse fauna and the very pulse of Assamese folk life, the artisans capture these reflections onto their canvas of 24 karats of pure gold. The complex shapes and dainty motifs are meticulously crafted over days into unique jewellery like the Thuriya, Joonbiri, Loka Paro and many more.

With the remarkable skill of capturing delicate flowers, graceful birds and vibrant landscapes, these masterpieces narrate tales of yore to the symbols of Assamese identity today. More than just ornaments, these remarkable perfections are a symbol of rich tradition and identity for the Assamese people.

Let’s celebrate the legacy of fine craftsmanship that honours the union of nature and innovation, inspired by the charm and allure of Assam.