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Dizzy spinning gold

Fidget spinners came and became a trend. Here’s how gold-plated fidget spinners are taking this trend to the next level.

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The gold sandals that ruled as king

Relive one of the most popular episodes of Ramayana, when lord Ram’s gold encrusted padukas ruled Ayodhya on his behalf.

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A universal metal – science of gold

There is more to gold than just jewellery. Take a look at the increasing use of gold in today’s technological innovations.

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Bangles and their circular protection

Did you know that gold bangles, earrings and other ornaments are helpful in keeping high blood pressure and other sorts of ailments in check?

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How Birbal proved that gold can always satisfy

Here’s an interesting tale from the Mughal era where the witty Birbal solves a tricky situation involving gold coins.

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Who wears most gold on their wedding day?

Did you know that Kerala brides wear the most amount of gold on their wedding day? Check out many such interesting facts.

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Alexander’s search for gold in India

Did you know that it was the shine of gold, which brought the Greek conqueror Alexander the Great to India?

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Gold crowns of India

Revisit the grand and opulent times of the ancient era through two royal and historic Indian gold crowns.

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The golden story of Jagannath Temple

How gold plays a significant role in defining and shaping the history of Jagannath Temple in Odisha

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The golden story of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

How gold plays a significant role in defining and shaping the history of Sri Ranganathanswamy Temple in Tamil Nadu

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