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Shirts of gold

Solid gold shirts took the Indian textile market by storm. These shirts came with a huge price tag and a lifetime guarantee. Read more

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Interesting items in gold

Take a close look at how Indians have been turning unusual items into golden treasures.

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Why is gold used in electronics?

Resistance to corrosion and high electrical conductivity are some of the reasons why gold is commonly used in electronics. Read to know more

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Gold in your mobile phone

Did you know that your smartphone may have small amount of gold used in connectors?

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Maharashtra's gold shirt-man makes it to guinness world records

The tale of Pankaj Parekh's golden shirt that has made headlines and set world records.

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This temple gives away gold as prasad!

The story of Mahalaxmi Temple in Madhya Pradesh that distributes gold as prasad to its devotees.

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Gold and the environment

Did you know that gold can be used to solve environmental problems?

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How much gold is in your favourite sports championship trophy?

From the FIFA to the ICC Champions trophy, here's how much gold the winning metals contain. 

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Unexpected Gold: Asteroids

Why are scientists, engineers and geologists looking at Asteroids as an alternative source for gold mining? Here’s the reason.

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How much is the gold in your mouth worth?

Get acquainted with the rising popularity of a new form of gold jewellery for your teeth – the gold grills.

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