The oldest form of gold that has been the favourite of all since times immemorial. Read about various trends, forms and designs of gold jewellery.

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Traditional gold jewellery designs from Assam

A look at some traditional gold jewellery designs from Assam.

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Rajputana jewellery - the identity of Rajasthani culture

A look at various styles of Rajputana gold jewellery that are worn till date.

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Gold jewellery designs from Kerala

A look at traditional gold jewellery designs from Kerala

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How Mughal gold jewellery redefines elegance

A guide to various Mughal gold jewellery techniques and designs that are popular even today.

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Gold jewellery designs popular in West Bengal

A look at different gold jewellery designs from West Bengal

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Gold jewellery designs inspired by wildlife

A look at how wildlife has influenced gold jewellery designs in different cultures

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Evergreen gold jewellery designs

A look at some of the evergreen gold jewellery designs that jewellery lovers can add to their collection.

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Things to keep in mind before recycling gold

Planning to recycle your gold? Keep these things in mind before you head to the jeweller

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Role of gold in a woman’s life

A story of gold, told through its ever-growing value in a woman’s life

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Gold jewellery designs from Mohenjo-daro civilisation

A look at gold jewellery designs that were popular during the Mohenjo-daro civilisation.

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