Why purchase hallmarked gold jewellery?

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Why to Buy Hallmarked Gold Jewellery

The Indian gold market is not only one of the largest in the world; it is also responsible for creating some of the most beautiful, intricate and handmade jewellery. The purchase of precious gold jewellery has always excited us but in all our excitement, we should not forget that gold jewellery is highly prone to adulteration of lower caratage and the industry has long been hampered by concerns around quality control. To combat purity concerns for consumers, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) have introduced hallmarking standards and policies.

Why buy BIS hallmarked gold jewellery?

Hallmark indicates that the gold content in the jewellery has been evaluated and that the gold adheres to international standards of purity. That is to say, you can take the gold quality as claimed by the jeweller to be genuine.  When you spend a significant amount to buy precious gold jewellery you cannot afford to rely on determining the authenticity by way of touch or looks. You must remember that while purchasing the precious yellow metal, simple self-certification by the jeweller will not suffice in cases where you present the jewellery during buy-back since you may exchange your gold jewellery at another jeweller.

5 Marks of BIS Hallmark in Gold Jewellery

  1. BIS Gold Standard Mark: It tells that the Hallmarking is done by third party assessor and bears the mark of authenticity.
  2. Gold Purity Grade: In India the gold jewellery caratage range sold is 22 karat or 18 karat The purity is measured in three digits starting from 23 carat indicating purity to be 958 part of 1000.

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  3. Assayer or Hallmarking centre’s mark: This is a mark of the third party assayer approved by the BIS while issuing the assaying authority.
  4. Year of Marking: This is a letter from the alphabet indicating year of marking decided by BIS. ‘A’ indicates it was marked in year 2001, ‘B’ for 2002 and so on.
  5. Jeweller’s Mark: This is the identification mark of the manufacturer/jeweller selling the gold jewellery.

All these hallmarks can be clearly found stamped on the jewellery that we purchase.

5 Signs to check BIS Gold Hallmark

Important points to keep in mind while purchasing gold jewellery

Look for: Jewellery showroom selling BIS Hallmark Gold Jewellery.

Buy: Hallmark Gold Jewellery only. It assures the mark of purity/fitness.

Ask For: - Invoice which will help BIS to resolve complaints (if any).

All that Glitters may not be Gold. Be sure, it is pure gold with a hallmark signs!

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