Published: 09 Aug 2017

Benefits of gold for your skin

Did you know that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra slept wearing a gold mask? The ancient Egyptians and Romans believed gold to be beneficial for skin, and they weren’t the only ones. Read more to find out how gold is believed to benefit your skin.

  1. Prevents premature ageing

    Collagen, a protein produced in the body, maintains the elasticity of your skin. The amount of collagen starts decreasing with age. Gold helps keep the collagen level steady and makes your skin firm, so that you don’t have a sagging skin- a sign of aging.

    Anti Ageing Skin Care With Gold      

  2. Gets rid of your wrinkles

    Gold helps in activating the basal cells of your skin thereby increasing elasticity. This in turn reduces wrinkles, spots, blemishes, and fine lines, thus clearing up your skin.

    Wrinkle Free Skin With Gold Treatment      

  3. Reduces skin inflammation

    Gold is believed to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It also works as an antioxidant and increases oxygen supply to the skin cells. Hence, it helps to reduce acne, scars, and other skin allergies.

    Use Gold For Healthy Skin      

  4. Treats sun damage

    Given our continuous exposure to pollution and the harsh sun, there is an increased production of melanin- a pigment which makes skin darker. Gold helps to reduce the amount of melanin thereby controlling sun-damage. Gold facials are popularly used in salons to induce a natural glow and fairness to the skin, keeping it moisturised and toned.

    Gold Facial For Glowing Skin      

Gold isn’t just for your jewellery box, it’s also an important ingredient to look out for the next time you add a product to your skin care kit.