Make Gold buying a Foolproof Process?

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30 Mar 2022

Demystifying gold investments: video series


A series of videos explaining gold as an investment

How to invest in gold for beginners

For centuries, gold has proven itself to be one of the most stable investment options. Today, along with the traditional forms of gold investments, you can also explore new-age options, such as digital gold, gold mutual funds, gold ETFs, gold futures, etc., that are safe and convenient for every investor. With impressive returns and hassle-free investment, these are on the rise for all the right reasons. In this video, learn more about them - from how they function to ways to invest in these new-age gold investment options.

How to invest in gold ETFs

Did you know there are gold investment options that offer the flexibility of purchasing and trading of gold like the stock market? Discover how gold ETFs provide a safe way of investing in gold and lets you build and strengthen your investment portfolio. The best part is that it does not involve the hassle of buying and storing physical gold. In this video, learn about the ease of investment that gold ETFs offer through a Demat account that trades directly in the stock market or through SIPs in Gold Mutual Funds.

New age forms of gold investments

We all are familiar with physical forms of gold, such as gold coins, bars and jewellery as a form of investment. However, new age ways to invest in gold are proving to be easier and more hassle-free, while eliminating making charges and other fees. This video offers insights on investment options like Gold ETFs, Gold Mutual Funds, and Digital Gold, the convenience they offer and other features that make them excellent options.

The benefits of investing in Gold SIPs

Looking to diversify your portfolio with gold investments? There are options available to building your wealth gradually through Gold Systemic Investment Plans! Learn about investing a fixed amount regularly in gold through SIPs as per your convenience and budget, while reaping the benefits of cushioning against market volatility and hedge against inflation.

How gold can help young entrepreneurs

Your entrepreneurial dreams need the backing of low-risk investments and better returns to provide stability and help your business during financial turmoil. Gold investments can be the answer to safeguarding your business's financial future. Along with offering a hedge against inflation and currency depreciation, gold balances out risks and enhances your portfolio's performance. In this video, discover the many benefits of investing in gold through convenient and hassle-free options that are ideal for young entrepreneurs.

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