Published: 27 Sep 2017

Dizzy spinning gold

Move over gold teeth and diamond grills – the new over-the-top accessory in town is a limited edition gold-plated Fidget Spinner manufactured by a Russian jewellery firm. At £ 13,000, this luxury item is currently the world’s most expensive fidget spinner.

For the uninitiated, the Fidget Spinner is a small palm-sized device designed to spin endlessly on its axis much like a top. The toy burst into stores and took over our lives early this year. It seemed like a fad that was destined to die out, but alas, it only grew more popular. Your neighbour had one. So did your aunt. Fidget spinners were being set in motion at the movies, at the airport and even at meetings. In India, the toy can typically be purchased for upward of INR 200 and is almost maddeningly popular among children and adults alike. With its new eye-wateringly priced version, the Russian company has more than capitalized on this dizzying global trend.

The product’s velvet-smooth surface, made with 100 grams of fine gold, comes delicately engraved with the company’s logo.