Published: 20 Aug 2019

The significance of buying gold on Pushya Nakshatra

Pushya Nakshatra is an auspicious time to start new ventures, make new investments, or purchase high-value items such as gold jewellery, property, automobiles, etc., as this day is believed to bring good luck. 

Read on to learn more about the auspicious days of Pushya Nakshatra 2022.

  • Pushya is one of the 27 nakshatras or constellations in Hindu astrology. The word ‘pushya’ means to nurture, strengthen, or multiply. The day of Pushya Nakshatra is believed to be highly auspicious to make a significant investment or start a new venture.
  • Since the alignment of stars on this day is favourable according to Hindu mythology and is believed to result in prosperity, it brings success and happiness. If the day falls on a Thursday or Sunday, it is known as Gurupushyamrut Yoga and is considered even more auspicious.
  • The goddess of wealth and prosperity (Lakshmi) was born on Pushya Nakshatra. 
  • Gold is considered to be a tangible representation of Goddess Lakshmi's blessings. Purchasing gold in any form on this day is believed to usher in prosperity and provide good returns in the long run.
  • In 2022, there are 13 days when the occasion will be celebrated. Of these, 10 are Pushya Nakshatra while three are of Gurupushyamrut Yoga.
  • The dates for Pushya Nakshatra in 2022 are:
January 18  Tuesday 04:37 AM, January 18 06:43 AM, January 19
February 14  Monday 11:53 AM, February 14 01:49 PM, February 15
March 13 Sunday 08:06 PM, March 13 10:08 PM, March 14
April 10 Sunday 04:31 AM, April 10 06:51 AM, April 11
May 7 Saturday 12:18 PM, May 7 02:58 PM, May 8
June 3 Friday 07:05 PM, June 3 09:55 PM, June 4

July 1

Friday 01:07 AM, July 1 03:56 AM, July 2
July 28 Thursday 07:05 AM, July 28 09:47 AM, July 29
August 24 Wednesday 01:39 PM, August 24 04:16 PM, August 25
September 20 Tuesday 09:07 PM, September 20 11:47 PM, September 21
October 18  Tuesday 05:13 AM, October 18 08:02 AM, October 19
November 14 Monday 01:15 PM, November 14 04:13 PM, November 15
December 11 Sunday 08:36 PM, December 11 11:36 PM, December 12

*Subject to change as per location. 

  • •    The dates for Gurupushyamrut Yoga 2022 are:
July 1 Thursday 01:07 AM, July 1 05:49 AM, July 1
July 28 Thursday 07:05 AM, July 28 05:57 AM, July 29
August 25 Thursday 06:00 AM, August 25 04:16 PM, August 25

Significance of buying gold on Pushya Nakshatra 

You've probably heard from your elders that you should buy gold during Pushya Nakshatra. Here's why:

  1. It's auspicious: As per the Hindu calendar, Pushya Nakshatra is one of the most auspicious days to purchase gold and silver. 
  2. It has historical significance: People have been buying gold when the moon transited Pushya since antiquity. Since Pushya is associated with wealth, buying gold during Pushya Nakshatra is a smart decision.
  3. You get attractive discounts: Because Pushya Nakshatra is regarded as a good time for business growth by gold dealers, several of them offer substantial discounts on this day. You may take advantage of this opportunity to purchase high-quality items at a lower cost.
  4. It's a worthy investment: Gold is an excellent investment option that yields fruitful results, often serving as insurance in difficult times. You can buy jewellery, coin, bars, etc., or even invest in digital gold, gold ETFs, etc.

So, make the best of these auspicious days and plan your gold purchase.