Published: 10 Aug 2017

Unconventional gold jewellery options for the modern woman

Love gold, but want a modern, chic and funky way to adorn the yellow metal? Here are some truly extraordinary ways to wear gold everyday- be it for work or pleasure- as well as gift it to the stylish 20-30-year olds in your life!

  1. Gold jewellery for your ears

    Have you heard of these new-age designs?

    Ear-cuffs are popular with women in their 20s. A funky, trendy way to add the grace of gold to your garb.

    Chic Gold Earring Designs
    Trendy Gold Earring

    There are earrings that don’t just rest on the earlobe, but cover other angles of the ear as well. Some emerge from the inside of the ear, while others line the curve of the ear. They can be clasped on with small hoops, or can hang elegantly like a multi-layered chain.

    Modern Gold Earrings Design
    Customised Gold Earring Options
    Gold Chain Based Gold Earring
    Stylish Hoop Designed Gold Earring

  2. Gold jewellery for your neck

    Jewellery options neck-deep in style!

    Choosing a meaningful pendant is the most popular way to customise gold necklaces. Anything from a small gold animal to gold alphabets that spell your initials or your birthday.

    Band Styled Gold Necklace
    Gold Chain With Custom Gold Pendant
    Designer Gold Chain With Pendant
    Another great way is to choose interesting chains. It could be lined with flower motifs and coins, or even come in the shape of a choker of a gold belt.
    Daily Wear Elegant Gold Chain
    Fancy Belt Styled Gold Necklace

    Layered necklaces are a stylish way to combine multiple pieces of jewellery to create a new one that can help change your day look to a fancier night look in a matter of seconds.

    Gold Chains For Stunning Look
    Gold Chains With Pendant For Stylish Look

  3. Gold jewellery for your hair

    With your head held high!

    It isn’t just for a wedding day that your hair should get a golden touch up! Consider sequined clips, a delicate gold head-chain that has a regal feel to it, or even a celestial hair accessory designed with stars.

    Gold Jewellery Options For Hair
    Stylish Gold Head Chain
    Customised Gold Chain For Head
    Indian Jewellery Inspired Gold Head Chain
    Star Designed Gold Accessory For Hair

  4. Gold jewellery for your body

    Why stick to the conventional gold jewellery and follow the same old trends?

    There are so many more fascinating ways to wear gold. You can wear an arm band to stylise a sleeveless top; a body chain that accentuates the shape of your torso, or an extended necklace that fashions your shoulders into a graceful golden display.

    Designer Gold Arm Band
    Gold Chain Accessory To Match Outfit
    Trendy Gold Chain For Waist
    Off Shoulder Gold Accessory
    Gold Accessory For Wrist Wearing

    With heavier, traditional jewellery, one often ends up deciding an entire outfit based on one piece of jewellery, because that’s the attention gold jewellery demands. But for daily wear, you can consider these unconventional jewellery items that allow you to add a little gold and glamour to your look.