Published: 12 May 2020

Unique gold bracelets every millennial will love

2020 is all about signature jewellery pieces that reflect your unique personality. Bracelets have come a long way over the years and today are more stylish than ever. Here are some unique bracelet designs that can make you stand out:

  1. The more metal, the better

    Going metallic is one of the major jewellery trends of 2020. Bracelets that put the metal in the spotlight are often heavy and chunky and can thus make a splash with little effort!

    Here’s a big and bold set of kadaas from the brand Poonam Soni that feature an eye-catching combination of white and yellow gold. The vintage gold buckles and tribal wires woven around them make them look vintage yet chic. These bangles can jazz up absolutely any look, no matter how under- or overstated.

    Stack of White/Gold Kadas (Signature Jewellery by Poonam Soni)

    Stack of White/Gold Kadas (Signature Jewellery by Poonam Soni)

    An equally stunning jewellery piece is this thick snakeskin bracelet that transforms a summer dress into a timeless, runway-worthy look.

  2. Trinkets go mainstream

    Simple and trendy, these bracelets are great for women of all ages. What makes these charms particularly appealing to millennials is the fact that they can be customised – so you can tell your own story through a bracelet.

    Charm bracelets are one of the few jewellery accessories where dull gold is actually preferred because it adds to the vintage ‘collector’s’ look, but many prefer having a bright link chain with coloured trinkets added over time.

  3. Dig into your jewellery boxes

    The idea that traditional gold bangles are outdated is outdated. The traditional gold kadaas have a much more contemporary name that every fashionista knows – grandmother’s bangles! In today’s fast-moving world, there’s nothing more ground-breaking than going back to the classics.

    Jewellery Credits: (Danabhai jewellers since 1931)

    Jewellery Credits: (Danabhai jewellers since 1931)

    You can wear up to a dozen bangles together to highlight your wrist and add that familiar sparkle (and tinkle) to your getup – a nostalgic treat for the eyes and the ears!

    Grandmother’s bangles can sometimes be found in engraved gold, but they also come embellished with a stone or a gem set in yellow gold. Here we have a collection of 12 gold bangles from jewellery designer Poonam Soni's own collection styled with a retro dress that’s perfect for the summer.

  4. Mesh the modern with the malleable

    The main benefit of the mesh style of jewellery is how elegant and graceful it makes a piece look. These bracelets are created in such a way that they look lightweight and minimalistic.

    Jewellery credits: (Danabhai jewellers since 1931)

    Jewellery credits: (Danabhai jewellers since 1931)

    Here’s a resplendent mesh gold bracelet from the brand Poonam Soni that accessorises an easy-breezy airport look. The bracelet is styled with a nature-inspired brooch, which makes it that much more fashionable.

    Mesh Bracelet + Brooch (Curated by the Brand Poonam Soni)

    Mesh Bracelet + Brooch (Curated by the Brand Poonam Soni)

  5. Old is indeed gold

    Jewellery designers across the world are inspired by the jewellery worn by the Egyptian and Greek civilisations, and millennials can’t get enough – after all, it’s a celebration of where humanity’s love for jewellery started!

    If you’re lucky enough to find a piece for yourself, pair it with contemporary western outfits to rock the contrast. Here’s a Greek-style vintage bracelet that features a bunch of intertwined hoops. Its juxtaposition with the corporate black-and-white dress shown below creates quite a statement.

Bracelets are just the first step when it comes to acing the accessory game. Here’s a quick guide to styling Indian jewellery to match the latest fashion trends.