8 Most valuable Gold Items: from gadgets to accessories

Trivia 18 Aug 2017

All that glitters is not gold, but these 8 items definitely are.

Here are the 8 most valuable gold items across the world.

  1. Gold and black diamond smart phone

    Use location: China

    Price: $15 Million

    Inventor: Stuart Hughes

    • A Chinese billionaire owns this beauty made with 24-karat solid gold weighing 135 grams
    • An upgraded version of this phone is expected to be priced at $23 million
  2. Supercomplication gold pocket watch

    First Use Location: New York, USA

    Price: $24 Million

    Inventor: Patek Philippe

    • An outcome of a competition between two friends, this opulent watch proves that time is indeed precious
    • The name of the watch, Supercomplication, is attributable to the fact that it is one of the most complicated mechanical pocket watches ever created
    • Also known as calibre 89, the watch weighs a pound and is 73.2mm wide in gold.

    Elegant Gold Watch

  3. White gold poker set

    Manufacturing location: Hertfordshire, England

    Price: $7.5 Million

    Inventor: Geoffrey Parker

    • This poker set made of gold and diamonds takes gaming excitement to a different level.
    • The set contains 384 18-karat white gold chips weighing a whopping 12.5 Kg

    Poker Set Made Of White Gold

  4. Bugatti Veyron diamond Ltd. model car

    Manufacturing location: Liverpool, UK

    Price: $4 Million

    Inventor: Stuart Hughes and Robert Gulper

    • It took two months to make this tiny car made of 24-karat gold
    • The weight of the entire toy is approximately 7 Kg

    Bugatti Veyron Model Gold Car

  5. Canadian giant gold Elizabeth coin

    Current location: Unknown

    Price: $997,000

    Inventor: Canada

    • This 100 kg gold coin, featuring Queen Elizabeth and Maple leaf, was minted to promote the country’s one-ounce bullion coins.
    • Though the face value of the coin is $1 million, according to current gold prices, could be worth at least $5-million.
    • The gold coin was stolen from Berlin’s Bode Museum in March 2017.

    Giant Canadian Gold Coin

  6. Gold table-top Christmas tree

    Current Location: Unknown

    Price: $500,000

    Inventor: Steve Quick

    • This 2-kilograms golden tree was designed for a fundraising project.
    • It is even a glorious tree-necklace combo

    Gold Tree For Christmas

  7. Clic gold reader glasses

    Price: $75,000

    Inventor: Ron Lando

    • It takes 50 man-hours to create a pair of this 18-karat solid gold reading glasses.

    Gold Glasses For Reading

  8. Golden Phoenix gold cupcake

    Location: Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes in Dubai

    Price: $972

    Inventor: Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes, Dubai

    • This confectionery, made of edible gold sheets, is served on a gold-plated trolley and gold-painted cake stand for a better appeal.

    Cupcake With Gold Garnish


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