Published: 09 Aug 2017

Gold and spirituality

Gold plays a significant part in all important occasions of our lives- birth, education, marriage, and even retirement. But did you know that gold could also play a role in healing, growth, and knowledge?

Read on to know how gold is believed to help you spiritually:

  1. Brings positivity

    Gold is believed to possess a type of spiritual energy that brings positivity into the life of the person wearing it. It can help ease feelings of anger and depression and make you feel calmer. Gold inspires positive thoughts and produces warm energy that surrounds the body with soothing vibrations. Wearing gold ornaments can help one achieve higher consciousness.

    Positivity With Gold Ornaments

  2. Prevents negative energy

    Making it a popular choice for an upcoming proposal or graduation gift alike, a gold ring is believed to keep negative energy away. Gold unfolds a chakra which protects the person wearing it. It is believed to attract divine consciousness which eliminates obstacles in the form of negative energy from your life. To attain these spiritual benefits, women are advised to wear the ring on their left hand and men on their right.

    Positive Energy With Gold

  3. Spiritual healing

    Gold is also believed to have healing and purification properties. Hence, it is used to make talismans, amulets, and protective symbol charms that are worn on the body.

    Spiritual Healing With Gold Jewellery

  4. Boosts confidence

    Wearing gold is said to increase your self-confidence and inner strength, making it a worthy consideration when you are picking an accessory for your next big interview. It is said to be ruled by the Sun and is related to courage and assertiveness.

    Gold Accessories To Boost Confidence

Have something to add about the role gold plays in your life? Let us know in the comments below.

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