Published: 04 Sep 2017

Gold: the healer of Indian mythology

The ancient and shamanic traditions paved spiritual approach to problem solving within the confines of “healing”.

Ancient Indian cultures drew inspiration and learned from nature. They believed that the forest was God and that everything they needed to survive, eat and heal could be found within the forest itself. They were the first to discover that energy is the true life force of all things in our universe. They placed high value of energy well beyond physical bodies. They learnt the art of using crystals, metals and plants to change the molecular functioning of their “light bodies” or auras.

Aura is the physical representation of the parts of the soul that are inaccessible to the human being in his physical body. The cleanest way for a human being to change his/her experiences is to dissolve the collection of trauma in their auras and to access the power that all their aligned chakras give them individually.

As we know, a body has 7 chakras. Music frequencies, exposure to natural elements, crystals and metals like gold are often used to trigger the realignment of these chakras, which helps the body create a stream of unperturbed energetic abundance, flowing through the body uninterrupted. This state of being, along with a spotless mind is seen as one of the highest and most positive states of living. It is seen as virtual intelligence and receptivity as it allows human beings to accept, express and protect their individual well-being rather than forcing them to align with a cultural or exogenous value system, and instead access their highest potential of peace and productivity independently.

According to ancient shamans, precious metals can help align chakras and allow individuals access to the transcendental and extrasensory perceptions within everyday routines. Gold is one of the famous ancient materials used on the body to balance and heal the light body, leading to further healing and the opening of chakras while reversing the damage done to them by radiation, Chemical trails and toxins collected by the body from the air, food and emotional experiences of the individual.

Gold has always been given importance not only for financial or aesthetic purposes but also because it is considered a very powerful metal in eastern and shamanic cultures. Gold has been linked to the empowerment of the higher chakras, including the heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra and the crown chakra. It holds a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body to aid in the healing process. In many cultures it was believed that gold could be placed on body parts to accelerate the regeneration of cells and help them grow at ease with the soothing vibrations released by the metal. It is also believed to aid blood within the arteries flow freely.

Another interesting example would be that the ancient Japanese culture would use gold needles to perform acupuncture which is still a sought after medical practice for many as it continues to perform miracles in healing, even in the age of science, if practiced congruently.