Published: 08 Sep 2017

Gold jewellery designs for Durga Ashtami

Gold Jewellery Design for Durga Ashtami

The Bengali festival of Durga Ashtami is held in honour of Goddess Durga and celebrates the divine feminine spirit. Families share sweets and stories, and homes are alit with colour and beauty. This occasion also bears witness to some truly special jewellery designs, crafted with the richest of materials to highlight the best of classical beauty. Here are some gold designs that could elevate your look this Durga Ashtami:

  • Pendants

    You can go for vintage inspired pendants that feature Meenakari work. Set in geometrical shapes with softened edges, these pieces come in colourful pastels. These pendants blend the vintage with the modern and give an elegant twist to your festive look.

    Elegant Gold Pendants Online

  • Traditional jhumkas

    You can never go wrong with traditional gold jhumkas. Explore designs inspired by flora and fauna- peacocks, lotus, rose, etc- for a traditional, celebratory look.

    Beautiful Gold Earring Designs

    If you wish to go bold, try layered jhumkas that hang lower but have a wonderfully delicate quality at the same time.

    Long Delicate Gold Earrings

  • Enamel encrusted bangles

    Such bangles bring out the traditional colours of Goddess Durga- white, red and green. Such bangles are ideal for the occasion of Durga Ashtami and can complement all sorts of outfits, from semi-formal to traditional Indian wear.

    Enamel Encrusted Gold Bangles

  • Temple inspired pieces

    This occasion calls for dramatic jewellery which brings out the Goddess in you. A red-and-green encrusted gold neck piece would be the perfect wardrobe partner as you grace those vibrant pandals! An intricately carved bangle too would add a quintessential charm to your look.

  • Nose rings

    Like most celebratory occasions, Durga Ashtami is the ideal time to go all out with your fashion choices. Graduate from the everyday nose stud or nose ring to a nose pin that extends all the way till your head. An extra touch of gold to add the finishing touch to your festive look.

Usher in this Durga Ashtami adorned in the glitter of gold and enjoy the love, warmth and beauty that it brings!


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