17 Aug 2018

Traditional Bengali gold jewellery designs from west Bengal

Bengali Gold Jewellery

Gold holds tremendous importance in Bengali traditions and the practice of wearing gold jewellery on special occasions – including weddings, religious ceremonies, and important festivals such as Durga Puja and Kali Puja – dates back centuries.

Let’s take a look at some traditional Bengali gold jewellery designs that are popular even today:

  • Gold tikli

    An intricately carved gold ornament for the forehead, tikli resembles a maang tikka and is worn by every traditional Bengali bride.

    Gold Tikli Design
    Tikli Design Gold
  • Gold chik jewellery

    More commonly known as a choker, chik is a tight-fitting elaborate gold necklace worn by every Bengali bride. It is also worn by Bengali women on special occasions such as Durga Puja.

    Gold Chik
    Courtesy : JKS Jewels
    Chik god jewellery
  • Gold kaan

    The word ‘kaan’ translates to ‘ear’. Kaan is a type of earring worn by Bengali women and is shaped like a human ear. Also known as ‘kaan bala’, these are made of thin layers of gold.

    Full Kaan Earring Gold
    Courtesy : Malabar gold
    Full Kaan Gold Jhumkas
    Courtesy : DK Basak Jewellers
  • Gold chur

    A broad bracelet that usually comes in pairs, chur is made of gold. It is claimed that 40-50 grams of gold is used to make one pair.

    Gold Chur Bangles
    Courtesy : Sujoy jewellers
    Sonar Chur Design
    Light Weight Gold Chur
    Courtesy : Senco gold
  • Gold ratanchur

    Introduced to India by the Mughals, ratanchur is a delicate piece of jewellery for the hand. It consists of a gold ring attached to a centrepiece, which dangles around the back of the wearer’s hands and finally to an armlet or bracelet.

    Ratan Chur Gold
    Courtesy : Senco gold
    Gold Ratan Chur
  • Gold bauti

    A half-cut bangle ideal for everyday use, bauti is made of gold and is a favourite of married women.

    Gold Bauti Churi Design
    Gold Bauti Design
    Courtesy : Senco gold
  • Beloyari churi-bengali gold bangles

    This is a type of gold bangle made from a special cut design known as ‘beloyari’ and hence the bangles are called beloyari churi.

    Gold Bangle Churi
    Hand Churi Gold
    Courtesy : Senco gold
  • Shona badhano shakha pola

    Commonly seen in Bengali weddings, these are bangles made of conch shells and gold.

    Bengali Gold Shakha Pola Design
    Senco Gold Sakha Badhano New Design
    Courtesy : Senco gold
  • Bokul mala- Bengali gold necklace

    The design of this particular gold chain is inspired by a flower called ‘bokul’. Bengali married women wear bokul mala on an everyday basis.

    Bengali Gold Chain
  • Gaala bhora bala- Bengali gold bangles

    This is a gold bangle filled with wax to increase its strength and durability. It is another daily wear ornament loved by Bengali women.

    Bengali Gold Bracelet

Gold jewellery of West Bengal is a reflection of the state’s magnificent cultural heritage. Therefore, it has a huge role to play in most Bengali traditional functions.

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