Published: 28 Aug 2017

Why worship Kubera yantra?

Hinduism is the oldest living Dharma in the world. Hindus worship various Gods and Goddesses and follow numerous religious traditions that originated in India. In addition to Gods and Goddesses, Hindus also worship many objects such as trees, plants, rivers etc.

“Yantra” is one such form of God and Goddess that are widely worshipped in India. Yantra is a geometrical diagram which is used for worship and meditation in houses as well as temples. Yantra is associated with specific deities with an explicit purpose.

Of all the Yantras, Kubera Yantra is the eminent and highly regarded mystical diagram. To appease the Lord of wealth - Kubera, this Yantra is used to attract gold and money in houses as well as at workplaces.

Kubera Yantra is an intricate design, crafted on a small metal plate, usually made of gold. Lord Kubera is considered as the regent of the North and therefore the Yantra is placed in this direction. It is believed that Kubera Yantra worshipers gain treasure, wealth and success in personal as well as professional life.

In the southern part of India, Kubera Yantra is known as Kubera Kolam which is drawn on the floor using rice flour. Kubera Kolam is similar to the traditional Indian rangoli and can be seen in several houses in South India. One of the renowned forms of painting, Kolam is illustrated using chalk, chalk powder or rice flour.

Alike Kubera Yantra, Kubera Kolam is a mystical square and is believed to attract wealth and prosperity. Kubera Kolam is constructed with dots which are connected by lines to form nine boxes. The numbers such as 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 are filled in these boxes which are adorned with a coin and flower. Similar to the Sudoku puzzle, the total of each row and column sums up to 72.

In addition to the Kubera Yantra, Shri (Lakshmi) Yantra is worshipped to attract wealth and success. Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of Gold and showers her devotees with gold and gold coins. It is believed that Shri Yantra is the source of power and energy, and should be worshipped every day to attain all the wealth and riches you desire.