Published: 29 Jan 2018

Can gold be a secret to your perfect smile?

Dentistry and use of gold

Imagine you have been asked to think of ways to retrieve gold. What would be the picture that would come to your mind? Antique jewellery boxes, gold mines, recovered treasures? Well, many of us would have shared a similar set of ideas. Now what if you have been asked to picture someone’s mouth? I don't think you would imagine gold, would you?

This precious metal has come a long way from the times of Cleopatra who slept in pure gold face masks to ancient Rome where gold was used to treat skin conditions to even elixirs made of liquid gold by alchemists of Alexandria who believed that gold had the capacity to restore youth, rejuvenate and rid the body of earthly diseases. Gold has been winning a name in its beauty boosting benefits over the years. Today, beauty manufacturers have begun incorporating gold into their serums, oils and face creams because it is thought to regenerate healthy skin cells and stimulate cellular growth. What more? Some culturally inclined individuals as well as some celebrities use gold to add sparkles to their smiles. But why use such a valuable metal in the mouth in the first place? Well, as it turns out, gold is often used in dentistry because it is rust resistant, malleable, safe and stable as compared to other metals.

Our teeth go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and therefore, we need a metal which can take that kind of beating and mimic the natural teeth. Gold, among other metals is also durable and is resistant to the stress that human teeth undergo. Gold restorations have been seen in service for even 40-50 years. It is important to have the right kind of metal put into your mouth and to ensure that it is not toxic or unstable. Gold is stable and does not harm the surrounding teeth, neither does it degrade opposing teeth and therefore it is considered a safe option.

Over time, it has been studied that gold can help fight gum disease because of its anti-inflammatory effects and capability of increasing blood flow. In addition to this, it promotes oral hygiene through its anti-bacterial properties. Gold is also known to have lesser chances of allergic reactions and sensitivity. It is well tolerated by the gums and other supporting tissues. It does not cause health issues and its replacements are rarely an issue.

All of these properties of gold are just the right ingredients for that perfect smile of yours!