Published: 09 Feb 2018

Gold – the ultimate status of sibling love

Brothers and sisters have a special bond, at one moment they will be breaking a toy, another they will be peacefully helping each other out. For Hindus, this special bond is celebrated twice every year, with the festivals of Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Duj.

Bhai Duj is celebrated after the high-voltage celebrations of Diwali, with great enthusiasm throughout the country. It is called different names like ‘Bhai Pota’, ‘Bhai Bij’, ‘Bhau Bij’, ‘Bhatru Dviteeya’ or ‘Bhatri Ditya’, ‘Bhai Dooj’, depending on the region, but its significance remains the same.

According to Hindu Mythology, Yamraj, the God of Death, after being separated from his sister for a long time visited his sister Yami on this special day. Yami welcomed him with an aarti and tilak ceremony and offered him a garland and made special dishes for him. He in turn, declared that any brother who received tilak and aarti by their sister, would never be frightened. Another myth tells the story of Lord Krishna returning to his sister, Subhadra, after slaying Narakasur. He too was welcomed by his sister with tilak, aarti, sweets and flowers.

It is for this reason, even today on Bhai Duj, sisters conduct a tilak and aarti ceremony. The festival that brings a lot of happiness, affection and warmth is a time when siblings get a chance to renew their relationship and love for each other.

Also on this day, brothers bring a gift for their sisters. It is either money or any valuable goods like gold. India’s favorite metal in its various jewellery forms such as earrings, nose rings, bangles etc. has proven to be a hit among siblings. The gold piece aside from its intricate design and personal touch, is also proving to be sound investment.

The value of gold in India is tremendous and is one of the most preferred choice for investments in India. The tradition of buying gold during Diwali has continued over thousands of years, and for all the right reasons. The yellow metal has delivered healthy returns over the long term. Moreover, it has provided essential financial security during trying times. This along with a timeless charm has made gold popular amongst the masses. It certainly is for siblings.