Published: 05 Sep 2017

Gold: The best metal for ear piercing

Indian Ear Piercing Types

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In India, ear piercing is an age-old tradition across different states, castes and communities. In modern India, piercing is seen as the perfect way to switch up the look without investing much into it. Men generally pierce just their ears while women pierce ears, nose and even naval.

The child’s ears and nose are often pierced while they are still infants. According to Ayurveda, this tradition has a number of benefits. The middle point of the ear lobe has several acupressure points that are associated with contributing to a sharp mind and better concentration. The nose piercing is believed to protect from respiratory problems, hearing problems, blood pressure and seizures.

As piercing can be painful, it demands attention and precaution, especially for the first-timers. So, if you are thinking of getting a piercing for yourself or your baby, we urge you to take following precautionary measures -

  • In case of infants, ensure your baby is over six months of age, with the requisite vaccinations.
  • Confirm that the hands and tools of the goldsmith or the person piercing the ear or nose are sanitized.
  • Be ready with a small pinch of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, to apply on the pierced area. This will avoid all infection.
  • The parents should consider opting for gold piercing-wire or earrings immediately after the first piercing. Because gold is unreactive compared with other metals, an ornament constructed from yellow metal is less likely to cause infection.
  • In Ayurveda, it is believed that gold allows blood-flow in the vessels and movement through the tissue more easily. Wearing a gold earring, therefore, aids in regulating the flow of oxygen in the body. The gold hoop earrings or golden studs are ideal after ear-piercing.

Below are some of the different types of piercings available, to help you decide what’s best for you -

  • Standard Lobe Piercing is one perforation on the ear lobe. This is usually the first type of piercing and often done on infants.
  • The Upper Lobe Piercing is a piercing higher up than the standard lobe, but not as high as the cartilage. It is considered to be one of the least painful piercings.
  • Auricle Piercing: The piercing of the middle part of the outer rim of your ear is referred as the auricle piercing. It can be really painful. However, it definitely adds to your beauty and cool quotient. One type of auricle piercing which has become popular is the Industrial, or Scaffold piercing. This involves having two piercings in this area, and a single earring running through both. Try a gold arrow earring with this type of piercing, for a cool, edgy look.
  • Conch Piercing The perforation on the ear cartilage looks absolutely stunning and according to alternative therapies it is thought that this piercing can help asthma too.