Published: 04 Sep 2017

Gold dishes of the world

Gold is the gift that keeps on giving.

Over the years, it has evolved from being used only as jewellery and coins, to being used in healthcare, cosmetics, science, and investments. But did you know that gold is also edible?

Edible gold is a non-toxic and pure form of gold that is available in various forms like a gold leaf, garnish or super thin gold flakes. Here is a look at some exotic dishes around the world that gold has made special:


  1. A New York based restaurateur Stephen Bruce unveiled a USD 25,000 ( Rs 16,11,137 )“Frozen Haute Chocolate” in 2007. The sundae was a blend of 28 cocoas and infused with 5 grams of 23-karat edible gold.

    Frozen Haute Chocolate

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  2. A more refined version comes from fellow New Yorker, Gabriel Kreuther, who created the “Chocolate Kirch”. The dish is a sponge cake and uses a gold leaf for finish .

    Chocolate Kirch

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  3. A limited edition gold-plated Kitkat was announced in Japan in 2015. Only 500 pieces were sold at USD 16 (Rs 1031). In each of the bars, a thin layer of 24-karat gold leaf envelops the wafer bar inside.


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  4. A food truck in New York City has created a $666 burger. Called the Douche Burger, it contains lobster, caviar, truffles, and a beef patty. What makes it special? The beef patty is wrapped in 6 sheets of 24-karat gold leaf!

    Douche Burger

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