Published: 14 Jul 2017

A guide to gifting gold to a mom-to-be

Baby showers may have gotten to be more westernised over the last decade or so but some things that haven’t changed are the small but important rituals. The mom-to-be may be wearing a gown instead of a saree but the flower jewellery, the pooja, the godh bharai traditions continue. In the same breath, gifting gold for an auspicious occasion will always prevail.

A woman is born again:
They say when a woman becomes a mother, she is born again. But with it also comes the great responsibility of protecting, sustaining and giving the best to her child. This is especially true today as parents whatever their background aspire to international education and a great lifestyle for their kids. Gold therefore doubles up as an auspicious as well as functional gift. Moreover, the fact that gold is considered Dhan Lakshmi, and said to bring wealth and prosperity makes it a fitting gift for a woman who has just begun an important new journey.

Start early, worry less:
Indians have always been of a savings mentality and, this tradition been passed on for generations has secured many futures. It is with this thought that parents, grandparents and close family friends gift gold to a new mother to be. What has changed is that today there are many choices when it comes to gifting gold.

As well as the traditional ways of gifting with gold jewellery and  coins, now you also choose to open a gold accumulation plan, buy gold ETFs or open a gold savings account for the mother to support the and the future of her child.

But who has the money?
The minute you think gold you think of a huge investment. This is not true at all because you can start to buy small quantities of gold for what you would spend on three sets of branded baby clothes. Gold accumulation plans let you begin your investment for as low as Rs.1000. A small and humble beginning no doubt, this is also the start of an investment in gold towards the mother and baby’s secure future.