Traditional gold jewellery designs from Karnataka

Jewellery 20 Aug 2019

Gold jewellery holds deep-rooted significance in the culture of Karnataka. From wearing it every day to gifting it on special occasions, gold jewellery forms an irreplaceable part of the lives of people in this state. And when it comes to weddings, a quintessential Kannada bride's look is incomplete without the glitter of gold.

Here’s a look at some traditional gold jewellery designs from Karnataka:

  1. Laxmi Sara

    ‘Sara’ translates to a chain or a maala. Laxmi Sara is a long gold chain made up of small gold coins with the Goddess Lakshmi engraved on them.

    Courtesy: India Bijoux

  2. Vyaghranakhas

    Commonly known as the Tiger Claw, the Vyaghranakha is a gold pendant used in various forms of amulets. It is said to be representative of the courage of a tiger, hence the name. A gold Vyaghranakha pendant is associated with the young Gods of Kartikeya and Manjushri, which is why it is usually worn by children and is known to ward off evil spirits.

  3. Entele Sara

    A long layered gold necklace, traditionally worn by Kannada brides, the Entele Sara has multiple layers, all of which are strung with gold beads.

    Courtesy: Malabar Gold

    Courtesy: Utsavpedia

  4. Haram

    Haram is another type of gold ornament worn around the neck. It consists of long and thick gold chains, and many designs also include a large gold pendant at the centre.

    Courtesy: Kothari Jewellery

    Courtesy: Kalyan Jewellers

  5. Mavinakayi Addigai

    This traditional gold neck-piece is similar to Kerala’s Manga Mala. The necklace has mango shaped tiny motifs made of gold. A traditional Kannada bride's look is incomplete without the Mavinakayi Addigai.

  6. Kadagas

    Also known as the "Coorg Kadagas", these are traditional gold bangles and are either solid or hollow. They could either be single, double or triple-tiered. While some are made just from gold, certain Kadagas are also embellished with precious stones.

  7. Pathak

    A mandatory piece of jewellery in a Coorg bride's look, the Pathak is a type of necklace which consists of a gold chain with a cobra's hood figure at the top.

    Courtesy: Malabar Gold

    Courtesy: Malabar Gold

You will find that even today, almost every Kannada family owns most of these traditional gold jewellery pieces. This is a testament to the fact that the people from this state are well-connected to their culture and history.

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