Wearing gold jewellery is scientifically important for women

Jewellery 08 Nov 2017

jewellery is scientifically important for women

For centuries, jewellery has been an integral part of human adornment, especially for women, and with growing times and changing mindsets; even men have joined the bandwagon.
Of all jewellery, preparations made of gold and silver have always had a huge demand. Diamonds might be a woman’s best friend, but gold is the answer to her never-ending thirst.
From earrings, nose pins, bracelets, neck pieces and Mathapati to Kamarbandh and toe rings, most Indian women would pick gold instead of diamond any given day; not because of its metallic properties, but for an ancient scientific reason. Indian culture is all about women donning gold jewellery as a primary embellishment for any auspicious occasion. Ever wondered why?
Well, science has a logical explanation to this. During a study conducted to understand the real reason behind women wearing gold jewellery, it was concluded that because women were believed to be weaker than men, in terms of physical strength, and hence gold was advised to be attached to their body, to give them the required sustenance.
The study explained that the growing age of women resulted in loss of physical strength, and childbirth resulted in weak bones.
So, our ancestors devised a solution to this problem.
They made women wear gold and silver jewellery, so that they would benefit from these metals, and wearing them regularly would help their bones be stronger.

Source: SpeakingTree

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