Published: 27 Sep 2017

Bangles and their circular protection

Gold Bangles - Essential Indian Jewellery Item

One look at an Indian bride and you can’t miss her mehndi clad hands, vibrant red sari, jewellery covering most of her upper body and of course, gold bangles. And how much those bangles impact her life!

Today, gold is mostly seen as evidence of economic and social standing, the perception being, the more you have, the higher your status. But when ancient India saw gold, it wasn’t always about highlighting wealth, but serving a practical health purpose. It was said, if one took pure gold and placed it on an infection or sore spot, the yellow metal would help heal the wound and contain the infection. Gold, in those days, was seen as possessing an energy that could bring warmth and gentle vibrations to help heal.

It is believed in ancient India, men worked in farms and forests which involved plenty of muscle work, while women worked on household duties. Even as matters of the house took a lot of work and time, the man’s task and his relation with nature were deemed more tiresome and physical. This would leave women restless, resulting in a higher blood pressure. Thus, to keep such emotions in check, women were requested to wear gold bangles and other ornaments such as gold waist belt, gold anklets and gold ear rings.

Normally, the pulse at the wrist is checked for all sorts of ailments, the constant friction between the bangles increases the blood circulation level. This increase in blood circulation will help the heart and the body's muscles and arteries while improving oxygen rich blood flow to extremities.

It is an ancient belief that interaction between the bangle and the wrist creates a soothing aura which passes out through the skin but is again reverted back to one's own body, owing to the shape of the bangles – round. The bangles circular shape does not allow the energy to escape, rather passing the energy back to the woman.

No surprise then, when you see Indian brides they always have a lot of bangles. They need all the energy and strength to get through the day.