Published: 21 Aug 2017

Finding Kubera: The treasurer of Gods

Did you know that Lord Kubera, the treasurer of Gods, always carries a bag filled with gold coins? Keep reading for more interesting facts about Lord Kubera - God of Wealth.

  1. Discoverer of gold mining

    Even today, miners pray to Kubera before beginning any project as he had discovered the process of gold mining.

  2. Kubera’s golden mongoose

    Kubera is often depicted with a mongoose in his hand. This is no ordinary mongoose, however; it is made of gold and is said to spit out precious germs when it opens its mouth.

  3. Yaksharajan (King of yakshas)

    After Kubera prayed to Shiva for many years, Shiva made him the King of Yakshas and Yakshinis- dwarfish semi-divine creatures that protect natural treasures.

  4. Lokapala- protector of the world

    Kubera is one of the Lokapalas, meaning ‘guardians of directions’, and is said to be the guardian of North. After Ravana banished Kubera from Lanka, Vishwakarma built the kingdom of Alakapuri on Mount Kailash (north) so that Kubera can stay there and fulfil his duty of being a Lokapala.

  5. Loaned money to lord vishnu

    Lord Vishnu, reborn on earth as Lord Srinivasa, borrowed money from Kubera to handle expenses of his marriage with Lakshmi (reborn as Princess Padmavati) and provide proof of his wealth. It is believed that all the donations made by devotees to Lord Srinivasa of Tirupati contribute in paying for interest on the loan, to Kubera.

  6. Dhanteras

    Dhanteras is a festival dedicated to Lord Kubera. People often buy gold on Dhanteras, because buying ‘Dhan’ - gold or new items is considered to be good luck. Before buying gold on Dhanteras, devotees perform the Kubera-Lakshmi puja to invite wealth and prosperity into their lives. It is also believed that praying to Kubera helps maintain and protect your wealth.


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