Gold and Astrology

Fun Facts 17 Aug 2017

Gold is widely considered an auspicious metal with great qualities as jewellery and an investment alike. But did you know that according to Vedic astrology, Jupiter is named after the god- Brihaspati- who is often depicted with a golden body?

Jupiter- The Golden Planet
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Here is a look at some astrological beliefs that surround the beloved precious metal - gold:
  1. Gold brings warmth and energy to the ones who wear it. On many Indian festivals, people buy gold as it brings good luck and prosperity with it.

    Celebrate Festivals With Gold
  2. If you see gold in your dreams, it could mean that your family will be financially stable for a long time and that you will be successful in all your future endeavours.

    Gold Wrapped In Red or Yellow Cloth
  3. While storing gold, if you wrap it in a red or yellow cloth, this could invite good luck and prosperity.

    Gold Ring For Health Benefits
  4. Astrologers advise wearing a gold ring on the index finger to help those who suffer from poor concentration problems, middle finger for fame and esteem related problems, and the little finger for respiratory problems.

    Astrological Significance Of Gold Chain
  5. Wearing gold around your neck, in the form of a pendant or a necklace is said to help with marital problems.

    Astrological Significance Of Gold Chain
  6. Wearing gold not only assists women express better but also makes them strong-willed and determined.

    Benefits Of Wearing Gold For Women
  7. Wearing gold if water energy dominates their horoscopes could help men achieve balance in their horoscopic charts.

    Balance In Horoscopic Charts With Gold
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