Published: 09 Feb 2018

Gold- The metal of Gods!

Until the discovery of nine planets, our ancestors believed that there were only seven planets, namely the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. These planets had their own metal or gem, suggesting the impact of these planets in the lives through the colours. The seven planets were associated with seven days of the week.

The vibrant yellow colour and intense heat of the sun (which we now know to be a star, rather than a planet) was matched with an equally striking metal that could suitably represent its flames and power – this, of course, was gold.

This is one of the tales that elaborates the auspiciousness and piousness of gold and is backed by the following beliefs:

  • One of the reasons it was associated with sun was of course the radiance, gleam and the yellow colour that gold metal has.
  • Another, and the most important reason was that it is the only metal that survives the fiercest of fires and maintains the shine without turning dark or corroding like any other metal. Thus, gold was considered to have the brightness of the sun and tenacity of surviving heat, cold or any other situation, while still retaining its blaze.
  • In astrology, the sun is believed to be responsible for wisdom and wealth. With the same association, gold is believed to bring wisdom and wealth in the owner / wearer’s life.
  • Not just in Hindu culture, people across different cultures consider this metal to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity.
  • In Egyptian culture, a gold necklace was regarded as a symbol of eternal life and people who were of social or religious importance were buried in the caskets of gold, to show their importance.
  • In Christianity, a gold ring signifies the sacred bond of marriage. The community considers gold as a symbol of happiness and prosperity for the lives of the couple ahead.

Gold remains the most precious and auspicious metal for us.