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Discover some of the fun facts about gold that you probably never knew.

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How much gold is in your favourite sports championship trophy?

From the FIFA to the ICC Champions trophy, here's how much gold the winning metals contain. 

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Unexpected Gold: Asteroids

Why are scientists, engineers and geologists looking at Asteroids as an alternative source for gold mining? Here’s the reason.

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How much is the gold in your mouth worth?

Get acquainted with the rising popularity of a new form of gold jewellery for your teeth – the gold grills.

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Lucky chance discoveries of gold

Get surprised with two of the most fascinating stories of accidental gold discoveries in the recent past

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Gold is flavourless: so why do we eat it?

See how restaurants are adding gold to their culinary dishes to drive more traffic.

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Dizzy spinning gold

Fidget spinners came and became a trend. Here’s how gold-plated fidget spinners are taking this trend to the next level.

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The gold sandals that ruled as king

Relive one of the most popular episodes of Ramayana, when lord Ram’s gold encrusted padukas ruled Ayodhya on his behalf.

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A universal metal – science of gold

There is more to gold than just jewellery. Take a look at the increasing use of gold in today’s technological innovations.

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Bangles and their circular protection

Did you know that gold bangles, earrings and other ornaments are helpful in keeping high blood pressure and other sorts of ailments in check?

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How Birbal proved that gold can always satisfy

Here’s an interesting tale from the Mughal era where the witty Birbal solves a tricky situation involving gold coins.

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