Published: 19 Jun 2018

Evergreen and elegant gold jewellery designs

Evergreen Gold Jewellery Designs

Since Indians' love for gold is undying, gold jewellery designs and trends are forever evolving. With every passing year, a large number of new additions are made to the existing jewellery design trends.

However, there are some gold jewellery designs that are quintessential to every woman’s jewellery collection. Here’s a look at some of the timeless and evergreen designs of gold jewellery.

Statement necklaces and pendants

Gold-cut statement pieces, delicate strands and layered have made their mark on the trendsetters list. These pieces are ideal for weddings, family gatherings or cocktail parties.

Gold Bead Necklace
Geo Gold Leaf Necklace
Light Weight Gold Necklace design
Courtesy: Caratlane

Nature jewellery

A gold ring with a floral motif, a gold butterfly bracelet or a delicate chain with a gold leaf pendant; nature jewellery designs have made it to every woman’s gold jewellery collection. They do justice every kind of outfit and are perfect for every occasion, which is why Indian women’s love for nature jewellery has only grown over the years.

Tree of life Gold Locket
Gold Flower Ring
Temple jewellery gold designs
Leaf Design Gold Bangles
Nature Inspired Jewellery
Gold Leaf Earrings
Rose design gold necklace
Leaf Design Gold Earrings
Olive Leaf Band Ring

Matte gold jewellery

No matter what year it is, matte gold jewellery is forever-favourite for most gold lovers. Matte designs are subtle, sophisticated and elegant, which is exactly why they never have or will go out of fashion.

Men’s Wedding Ring
Gold Bohemian Earrings
Gold Curb Chain
Gold Brick Link Bracelet
Gold Flower Drop Earrings
Courtesy: Caratlane

The modern touch

Timeless gold jewellery is not restricted to ancient designs and patterns. Modern gold jewellery has blended gorgeously with classic, timeless jewellery patterns. Be it gold cocktail rings, trendy gold chokers or scintillating gold ear cuffs; modern gold jewellery is inspired by the evergreen and traditional jewellery designs of India. They have the quirky, modern touch with the splendour of traditional Indian gold jewellery.

Ear cuffs:

Gold Ear Cuff Earrings Flower Design


Broad Necklace Designs In Gold
Swarovski Tennis Bracelet Gold

Cocktail rings:

Gold Cocktail Ring Design
Gold Frivole Ring
Lace Gold Ring
Geometric Gold Ring
Courtesy: Caratlane

Gold jewellery for body

Apart from the conventional gold jewellery designs, ornaments like gold nose rings, armlets and waist bands have also retained their charm and place in Indian women’s evergreen gold jewellery collection.

Nose rings:

Gold Hoop Nose Ring

Kamarband/Waist Band:

Waistband in Gold
Kamarband Gold
Gold Belly Chain


Gold Upper Arm Bracelet
Gold Upper Armband
Gold Upper Armband
Gold Upper Arm Cuff

Tribal designs

Gold tribal jewellery designs inspired by fashionable Boho styles contain bold elements, lots of colours, and animal and floral forms to cast their appeal. These could be necklaces, earrings or bangles. These intricate pieces are ideally combined with simple outfits to create a compelling contrast.

Ethnic Gold Necklace
Antique Gold Earring Jewellery
Vintage Gold Bracelet
Courtesy: Caratlane

Though India’s preferred gold styles change often, its love for gold is evergreen and these designs outstand all changing trends. If you’re looking to make your next big precious purchase, here’s how you can make gold buying a fool-proof process.