Explore interesting stories in Indian mythology that talk about the importance of gold in our culture.

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Gold – the ultimate status of sibling love

From Raksha Bandhan to Bhai Duj, nothing compares to the timeless gift of gold to celebrate sibling love.

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Gold- The metal of Gods!

The only metal that is believed to be the divine, brings wisdom and wealth.

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Gold and the greeks

All the various ways the greeks used gold in various traditions and celebrations.

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Story of the magnificent golden Buddha

The story of how the golden buddha statue in Thailand acquired its holy status.

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Gold in Sikhism

Exploring the significance of gold in Sikhism and the lives of Sikhs

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Gold in afterlife

A look at the significance of gold in afterlife and beliefs in various religions

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Gold – the shringar of gods

Gold is considered a heavenly metal and thus used differently to adorn gods and idols

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Gold: the healer of Indian mythology

The ancient and shamanic traditions paved spiritual approach to problem solving within the confines of “healing”.

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Power of gold: The mythological origins of the universe

Gold features prominently in religions originating from India -- Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism as well as ascetic religions like Jainism.

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Kubera- Know the God of Wealth as per Hindu Mythology

In India, the Lord of Riches is Kubera. We refer to a wealthy individual as an ‘appeaser of Kubera’, and in mythology gold treasure and vast riches are commonly referred to as ‘Kubera’s treasure’ or ‘Kubera’s wealth’.

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