The oldest form of gold that has been the favourite of all since times immemorial. Read about various trends, forms and designs of gold jewellery.

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Where and how is hallmarking done?

Understanding the process of hallmarking and who governs the same.

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Here’s what you should check when buying hallmarked gold

Be assured of your hallmarked gold purchase with this handy checklist.

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Ways to differentiate between real and artificial gold

All that glitters may not be gold; here’s how you can be sure.

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Why it is important to look for hallmark while buying gold jewellery?

Read about the disadvantages of buying non-hallmarked gold and how to safeguard your purchase.

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Uttarakhand Traditional Jewellery – The Charm of Pahari Women

A look at different gold jewellery designs from Uttarakhand

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Indian families and gold: a lifelong connection

Why gold holds a special place in Indian households

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Who governs the hallmarking process in India?

Understanding the importance of AHCs and how they operate in India.

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Subtle ways to add gold to your office look

How to elevate your professional look with the touch of gold.

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How is white gold made?

What goes behind making white gold, and how it is different from gold.

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